Open for business

Make sure you have your finances under control and critical services in place so you can welcome your first customer with confidence

Open for business

Pre-opening services

Before you can open the doors on a new restaurant, you’ll need to have everything in place to be ready to trade. Our pre-opening services make sure you have your finances under control and critical services in place so you can welcome your first customer with confidence.

Getting your finances set-up properly from the start is central to your success. From attracting investors, to helping you recruit the right staff, your numbers are every bit as important as your restaurant concept.

We help businesses secure funding, set up their accounting and manage their finances from the very start of their project.

Once the fit-out is underway, you can concentrate on getting the kitchen up and running and the staff trained, whilst we manage the books.

We can also point you in the right direction for services such as insurance, licensing, property consultancy, IT services and human resources advice.

WMT can help you to:

Secure funding for your new venture, working with you to prepare a professional business plan and financial forecasts to help you secure a commitment from banks or other investors.

Set up internal reporting and systems to help you manage the business and report to investors.

Prepare your operational budgets.

Manage your cashflow during the fit out, agreeing financial terms with fit-out suppliers and reclaiming the VAT on invoices as quickly as possible so your expenditure doesn’t outstrip your budget.

Maximise tax reliefs by recording all payments to contractors in a detailed fixed asset register so our tax specialists can identify all available savings.

Monitor the project spend against the budget, producing reports you can share with investors.

Organise accounts and payment facilities with credit card companies, your bank, HMRC and suppliers.

Design and implement your tronc scheme, to help you to recruit quality staff.

Set up and run your payroll, making sure your staff are paid the right amount, on time, every time.

Once the fit-out is complete and you are open for business, we can continue to support you through our outsourced accounts service.

Get in touch with our accounts team to find out more about how our pre-opening services can help you.

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