auto enrolment workplace pension

Whether you are getting ready for auto enrolment or already operating your workplace pension, WMT can help.

auto enrolment workplace pension

Auto enrolment workplace pensions

Employers must provide, and make contributions to, a compliant auto enrolment workplace pension scheme if one or more of their employees meet the criteria set out by The Pensions Regulator (TPR). Dealing with auto enrolment can be complicated and time consuming. Make it simple and stress free by asking us to manage the process for you as part of our professional payroll solution.

Whether you are getting ready for auto enrolment or already operating your workplace pension, WMT can help.

It makes sense to manage your workplace pension process through your payroll, alongside other employment related payments. If you have yet to stage, we can help you every step of the way with your implementation, communication and ongoing auto enrolment responsibilities. See our 10 steps to auto enrolment guide for a summary of what’s involved.

For businesses that are already operating a workplace pension, we can check they are fully compliant with regulations and making the right amount of contributions into the scheme. We can also take over running your payroll and auto enrolment compliance with our hassle-free payroll transfer service.

How we help you

Once you know your staging date and have a pension scheme in place that meets the criteria set out by TPR, we can support you with everything else.

Assess your staff – to determine which workers should be enrolled in the pension scheme, given the option to join or are excluded from the scheme under TPR’s rules. This is done when your business stages and every time your payroll is run.

Calculate the cost to your business – of providing the auto enrolment pension and making employer contributions, so you can budget and account for it.

Advise on salary exchange schemes – which can save you and your employees money.

Set up your auto enrolment process – through our payroll solution so that the right employees are enrolled in the pension scheme and the correct pension scheme contributions are deducted from their pay.

Communicate with your employees – about their rights and entitlements, and the auto enrolment process as well as the actions they must take and the choices available to them.

Manage the enrolment and opt in/out process –  for each payroll run, make sure the right employees are in the scheme, deduct the correct contributions from their pay and refund contributions to employees who opt out. We also maintain your auto enrolment records and retain them for six years, as required by TPR.

Communicate with you about the scheme – by providing regular reports on the categorisation of your employees and the contributions taken by the pensions provider.

Work with your pension provider – to upload your auto enrolment data into their system, making sure they have up-to-date information and your auto enrolment process runs smoothly from beginning to end.

Report to the TPR – by completing and submitting your Declaration of Compliance with the workplace pension requirements.

Get in touch with our payroll team to find out more about how they can help you.

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