Turn data into insight

technology to streamline processes and manage risks, freeing finance leaders to contribute to shaping your business and creating sustainable growth.

Turn data into insight

Finance function of the future

Data has become a strategic business asset, used to stimulate improvements and fuel innovation. The finance function of the future will turn data into insights that drive value for the whole business. Technology can streamline processes and manage risks. This frees finance leaders to contribute to shaping the business and creating sustainable growth.

Automating data collection, data validation and reporting will change the focus of your finance function. It will move it from producing compliant financial information, to using performance focused dashboards and reports. This means you can generate insights that enable the business to:

  • Identify key drivers of value – so forward-looking performance indicators can be set to support business growth and provide an early warning of potential issues.
  • Make informed decisions faster – using corporate dashboards and analysis to identify trends, supporting planning and evaluation across the business.
  • Rigorously control risks – limiting financial threats and providing assurance to stakeholders.

These changes will redefine the role of your finance function. Above all, they will free your senior team to work on wider business improvements and provide effective finance business partnering to other directors and stakeholders.

How we can help

WMT can work with you to:

Define the benefits of transforming your finance function – documenting the tangible value the business will receive from a forward-looking finance function. This will form the basis of your business case.

Generate internal support – supporting you to communicate the benefits of the changes in the finance function to the rest of the business. Secure the necessary involvement from key parties.

Specify the project requirements – clarifying where improvements will be made, and the systems needed to achieve them.

Develop the project plan – agreeing actions, milestones and responsibilities.

Choose and manage suppliers – matching your business requirements to supplier capabilities and liaising with chosen providers throughout the process. Where Xero cloud accounting software forms part of your technology solution, our app advisory team will help you choose the right add-ons.

Project manage your implementation – to make sure milestones are met, and the project stays on track and within budget.

Upskill your finance team – so they can use the improved systems to deliver insights and assurance. This will help the business deliver improvements and manage stakeholder relationships.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you implement your future finance function.


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