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Free your team to focus on your customers, and make sure your scheme is run fairly and impartially, with WMT’s fully compliant Troncmaster service.

We can do it

Troncmaster services

WMT Troncmaster Services Ltd is a subsidiary of WMT that provides outsourced Troncmaster services. Each scheme is designed and implemented to meet HMRC’s exacting standards and we encourage all our clients to follow the principles of an ethical tronc.

Once the scheme is up and running, your WMT Troncmaster will manage the tronc, keep it compliant and make sure it delivers real benefit to your business and your staff.

So, who should run your tronc scheme? You need someone trustworthy, reliable and unbiased who understands the needs of the business and how to administer the scheme correctly.

Choosing WMT Troncmaster Services relieves your staff of the administrative burden of running the tronc. We work with you and the senior members of the team to ensure that your scheme:

  • is run fairly and impartially. Its management is not biased by relationships or personal interest;
  • remains in line with HMRC requirements;
  • meets the documentation and record-keeping requirements for tronc schemes; and
  • removes the risk of a demand for alleged arrears of tax, NICs, interest and penalties.

As your Troncmaster, we will handle all communication concerning the tronc with your staff and your payroll department or provider. This ensures your staff are paid the right amount at the right time and they are told how much they have received from the tronc scheme. We do not take any money out of the tronc fund for ourselves.

With WMT Troncmaster Services Ltd you have a scalable service that manages your tronc compliance and administration. This frees you and your team to focus on your customers and your business.

Get in touch with our hospitality team to find out more about how we can help you.

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