Accelerated sale process

Our ability to act quickly, sensitively and effectively with clients facing challenging times enables us to achieve a desirable outcome for all parties involved.

Accelerated sale process

Accelerated M&A

A typical business sale or fundraising project may take months to complete. However, when a business experiences pressure on its cash flow, action may need be taken within a matter of weeks, if not days, to achieve the best outcome.

What are the causes of business distress?

Your business may be suffering from a single source of pressure or your cashflow problems could be a combination of:

  • a significant bad debt;
  • a reduction or removal of funding facilities;
  • loss of a key customer;
  • decreasing margins due to supplier price rises or a reduction in the price customers are willing to pay;
  • adverse trading conditions or seasonality of the business’ trade;
  • substantial arrears with trade creditors or other debts;
  • a change in the circumstances of the owners of the business.

Acting quickly and effectively is vital in such circumstances to preserve the value of the business and safeguard it from unplanned insolvency.

Accelerated process

By looking for opportunities to refinance your business, at the same time as considering selling the business or some of its assets, we can evaluate all available options quickly. Our approach will also cover:

Developing an achievable timetable that ensures the information is passed swiftly between the stakeholders and key decisions are reached promptly. A transaction can be completed in as little as 14 days, although longer timescales tend to deliver better value.

Researching suitable buyers in the UK as well as overseas. Our reliable network of contacts enables us to quickly identify and privately approach favourable bidders who are prepared to buy a business, or business assets, through an accelerated process.

Freeing your management team from the pressure of the transaction, so they can keep running the business, as this is crucial to securing its future.

The accelerated process may cause concern amongst staff and shareholders and we are experienced in approaching the situation with the utmost sensitivity. Our ability to act discreetly and build strong relationships with our clients in challenging times enables us to achieve a desirable outcome for all the parties involved.

Get in touch with our corporate finance team to find out more about how we can help you navigate a cash flow crisis.

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