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January/February Quickfacts


HMRC collects £32m upfront payments from tax scheme users (15 December 2014) HMRC announced on 15 December 2014 that it pulled in £32m as a result of sending out its first tranche of Accelerated Payment…

A race to the finish – beating the end of tax year deadline


With personal tax returns out of the way, this is the time of year when our attention moves to those last-minute actions we can take to make the most of reliefs and allowances before the…

Charity audit thresholds – change to income levels


The government have published the results of their consultation on raising the audit thresholds for charities. As a reminder charity accounts currently have to be audited where the following apply: An annual income from all…

Retention of accounting records


As we are well and truly living in the digital age, we are offering up a quick reminder that, regardless of whether your organisations accounting records are kept in a manual or electronic format, they…

Pensions that can grow your business


With trust in financial institutions and traditional pension plans in decline, a growing number of business owners are taking advantage of the benefits that Small Self Administered Schemes (SSASs) have to offer. We explain more…

New alert from the Charity Commission


The Charity Commission has released the third issue of Network News, a briefing for charity umbrella bodies and capacity building organisations. Having trialled Network News last July, the Charity Commission began releasing regular editions in…