Peter Davies

Client Service Partner and Managing Director of WMT Troncmaster Services Ltd

Peter advises clients on employment tax related issues. A former Inland Revenue investigator Peter has extensive experience of the enquiries carried out by HM Revenue and Customs and has the ability to view arising situations from both sides of the coin.

Peter also heads up WMT’s tronc team where, as a recognised industry expert, he advises hospitality businesses on the setup of tronc systems to help them fairly manage service charges in the most tax efficient ways.

A connoisseur of coffee, Peter describes one of the highlights of his job to be travelling London drinking espresso in nice restaurants, providing clients with advice and support whilst doing so. With a passion for his industry he enjoys public speaking and has contributed to trade and accountancy publications as well as making TV and Radio appearances. His wealth of experience in a niche market helps him to be the best at what he does and a highly sought after individual.

Peter Davies

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Specialist hospitality accountants

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Troncmaster services

WMT Troncmaster Services Ltd is a subsidiary of WMT that provides outsourced Troncmaster services. Each scheme is designed and implemented to meet HMRC’s exacting standards and we encourage all our clients to follow the principles…

Employment advisory services

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HMRC employer compliance reviews

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Employer healthcheck

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Payroll & employment

Dealing with the ever-increasing range and complexity of employment taxation, alongside constant changes to legislation makes it challenging for employers to stay on the right side of the rules. WMT will answer your day-to-day queries…


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