Chloe Burridge-Payne

Tronc Administrator

Chloe’s role is to allocate service charge amounts to hospitality staff members in a fair and legally compliant way.

She believes her skill in puzzle solving and numbers is helpful when trying to resolve issues within spreadsheets.

Chloe has been troncmaster for pubs before and likes to make sure that gratuities are going to the people who have worked hard and deserve their fair share.

She went to the University of the West of England and subsequently spent 10 years working in most roles in pubs and restaurants.

She also spent 10 years doing part-time freelance work for a family law solicitor covering general admin, tax returns, clerking in court, proofreading and transcribing meetings.

Away from the office, Chloe enjoys going to gigs, painting, learning Spanish and watching TV.

Chloe Burridge-Payne

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