Who should be involved in improving profitability?

Setting goals for profit improvement, agreeing broad strategies and deciding which of the areas you are targeting is largely a management level activity. You and your management team know your business and, either on your own or with external support, you will be in a good position to set the vision.

Once you have a clear idea of the vision, all team members can have a good idea about how to increase sales or margins. Involving a cross section of staff at an early stage will make your plan more robust and easier for your staff to understand and follow.

Cutting costs can be perceived as a threat by team members so communication is the key to engage your whole team in improving profits.

If you are a busy business owner or manager, you should think about the value an external facilitator can bring. You could buy-in experience and expertise that you may not have in house and reduce the disruption to your day-to-day activities whilst you get the project up and running.

WMT can help you to stay on track, measure your results and adapt your plans when priorities change.

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