How can we share documents securely during a transaction?

When you are preparing to sell your business, you will need to disclose highly confidential information that is relevant to the sale at specific points in the process. A virtual data room makes it easy for you to share information with the purchaser and their advisers at just the right time.

Typically, any document that could have an impact on the value of the company should be included in the data room so that the purchaser has full knowledge of the business it is buying. These may include:

  • financial information
  • all relevant client, supplier, employee, financing, and other contracts;
  • title documents and details of intellectual property rights; and
  • board minutes.

At the time of negotiating the sale and purchase agreement, purchasers will usually ask for a representation and warranty that the data room was complete, and that all of the documents in the data room represent a true and complete reflection of the state of affairs of the company.

Our corporate finance specialists will advise you on what to include and how to present it meet your purchasers needs without disclosing too much sensitive information.

Do you still have questions? Get in touch with our corporate finance team to find out more about how they can help you.

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