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Gratuities and tips – What the delay to the Employment (Allocation of Tips) Act 2023 means for you


The Department of Business & Trade (DBT) has released the finalised draft of the Code of Practice on Fair & Transparent Distribution of Tips – the next step towards bringing the Employment (Allocation of Tips)…

Final version of tipping Code of Practice brings few changes but provides additional time to prepare


The Department of Business & Trade has today released the final version of the Code of Practice on Fair & Transparent Distribution of Tips. Peter Davies, Managing Director of WMT Troncmaster Services Ltd, the country’s…

A recipe for success: Building a high-performance team in hospitality


In an industry that is as dynamic as the flavours in your dishes, the success of your restaurant hinges not just on the quality of your service, but also on the strength and performance of…

What tax allowances and reliefs are available to your hospitality business?


As the owner of a hospitality business, you will understand the importance of tax allowances and reliefs to help boost your growth as you scale up.

Make your restaurant more efficient amidst rising costs


This year is set to throw a range of economic hurdles at restaurant owners, especially with hiking costs having a significant impact.

Draft Tipping Code of Practice published; legislation to take effect from 1st July 2024


After a delay of some 6 months the Department of Business & Trade (“DBT”) have now published their draft Code of Practice to accompany the Employment (Allocation of Tips) Act passed earlier this year by…

Autumn Statement fails to address key challenges for hospitality sector


Peter Davies, Hospitality Client Partner at WMT, the St Albans-based accountancy firm, specialising in hospitality sector accounting, has pronounced the package of measures announced by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt in the Autumn Statement as “disappointing when…

Energy efficiency as a strategic business move


Restaurants have been hit hard by the ongoing cost of living crisis, with the combination of rising energy bills and reduced consumer spending impacting profits.

Elevating your inventory management


Inventory management is often seen as a logistical necessity rather than an opportunity for innovation. Yet in the culinary world, where the quality of ingredients can elevate a dish from ordinary to extraordinary, effective inventory…

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