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Charity Commission issues official warning to education charity: A wake-up call for the charity sector


The charity sector, often regarded as a beacon of hope and compassion, is under scrutiny as the Charity Commission issues an official warning to an education charity.

UK charity audits: A quick guide for trustees


In the UK, charity audits are an essential yet intricate part of a trustee’s responsibility – ensuring transparency and fostering trust among stakeholders, including donors, beneficiaries, and regulators.

Paying trustees for providing services or goods to a charity


As a trustee, you will be all too aware of the regulatory obstacles preventing your charity from being able to pay its trustees.

Adapting to changes for the disposal of charity land


The most recent set of changes from the Charities Act 2022 came into force on 14 June 2023, with the aim of reducing the administrative burden on charities.

How can you manage your trustee responsibilities?


Charities are facing several challenges, particularly as the cost-of-living pressure bites into donations.

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