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WMT Chartered Accountants take the lead on next-generation talent as Enterprise Advisers to Beaumont School


In a significant move towards nurturing the next generation of professionals, WMT has taken on the role of Enterprise Advisers to Beaumont School – a leading secondary educational institution in St Albans. This collaboration aims…

HMRC sets its sights on SMEs over UK tax gap


The tax gap in the UK – the difference between the amount of tax owed and the amount that has been paid – remains wider than anticipated due to SMEs, according to HM Revenue &…

WMT Chartered Accountants advise on sale of The Soho Sandwich Company to Around Noon Foods


WMT Chartered Accountants is delighted to have been the lead corporate finance advisor in the sale of The Soho Sandwich Company to Around Noon Foods. Around Noon, the fast-growing food-to-go (FTG) manufacturer, has acquired London-based…

Car vs Van – Tax treatment of electric vehicles


There have been several important tax decisions previously regarding the difference between vans and cars, but how do the different rules regarding electric vans affect their tax treatment? Let’s use a hypothetical: A Ltd has…

Roadside charging – How to account for credit card payments


With a growing number of company car owners using electric vehicles, many are deciding or being permitted to use company credit cards to pay for roadside charging. However, what are the implications of this for…

Late interest penalties hit 1.4 million taxpayers – and it could get worse


The 2020/21 tax year saw 1.4 million people charged interest on overdue tax payments – a 15 per cent increase on pre-pandemic figures. The data was released after a Freedom of Information request by investment…

Trivial benefits in kind and the advantages they give to employers


It is important for employees to feel valued in the workplace. A lot of the time, it is the little things that employers can provide to their staff that have the most substantial impact. One…

Changes to free childcare, but higher earners will still miss out


In the Spring 2023 Budget, the Government laid out plans to shake up the current free childcare system – but many higher earners will be disappointed to find that the changes keep them excluded from…

Constantly asked for pay rises? Here is what you need to know about pay in the UK


As an employer, you will likely face the delicate situation of employees asking for pay rises. With the cost-of-living crisis and rise in inflation, these requests will have become more frequent as people look to…