Category: Corporate finance

Vendor initiated management buy out (VIMBO) – do it your way


When looking to sell your business, there are a number of routes you can take. A Management Buy Out (MBO), Management Buy In (MBI) or an Employee Buy Out (EBO) are all feasible options. But…

Payment practices in the spotlight


Companies who demonstrate poor payment practices will be named and shamed under new regulations aimed at helping small business cash-flow. The government has identified late payment as being harmful to supplier’s cash-flow.  In extreme cases,…

Why many business owners are now considering employee ownership


Recent years have seen considerable success in employee owned businesses. The benefits of employee ownership are for many business owners the perfect answer to all of their succession and exit planning dreams. The amount of…

7 tips for the perfect business forecast


Creating a great business forecast is crucial for the future of any company. Though it will not act as a crystal ball telling you exactly what will happen in your future, it will give you…

WMT advises on sale of technology brand Gear4


The Corporate Finance team at WMT Chartered Accountants advised on the sale of Gear4 – a leading designer and manufacturer of speakers and accessories for smart phones and tablets – on behalf of Disruptive Hong…