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Simplifying the complex: Understanding the new revenue recognition model


The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has introduced amendments to the UK GAAP, specifically within FRS 102 and FRS 105, centring on a new revenue recognition model.

Charity Commission issues official warning to education charity: A wake-up call for the charity sector


The charity sector, often regarded as a beacon of hope and compassion, is under scrutiny as the Charity Commission issues an official warning to an education charity.

Can you afford to miss your Companies House deadline?


For limited companies registered and operating in the UK, one of the requirements that directors must meet is filing annual accounts with Companies House. Comprising a collection of different documents, filing with Companies House ensures…

International expansion: The impact on audits


Expanding your business overseas is an exciting move, filled with the prospect of growth and international success.

What solicitors should prepare for when handling SRA audits


SRA audits are designed to ensure that solicitors are compliant with the regulations and standards set by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

Can you afford a £7,300 fine from Companies House?


You must file your company accounts, to avoid late filing penalties, Companies House is warning. All companies must file annual accounts with Companies House each year, regardless of whether they are trading or not, or…

UK charity audits: A quick guide for trustees


In the UK, charity audits are an essential yet intricate part of a trustee’s responsibility – ensuring transparency and fostering trust among stakeholders, including donors, beneficiaries, and regulators.

Statutory audits: Powering integrity and transparency


Juggling the competing priorities of your business isn’t easy. One day you’re focused on strategic planning, the next, you’re deep in budgeting and forecasting.

The rate of late tax payments interest rates continues to rise


From 11 October, the interest rates on late tax payments rise again in line with the Bank of England’s (BoE) latest base rate increase. The BoE increased the base rate by 0.5 per cent to…