technology and system strategies

specialist technology advice to implement strategic changes or resolve specific challenges in your business

technology and system strategies

Technology advice

Many businesses run IT departments that meet their day-to-day needs. From time to time, senior stakeholders and in-house IT teams need specialist technology advice to implement strategic changes or resolve specific challenges. We can help.

Every technology platform – the hardware, software and suppliers you use – needs adjusting periodically to make sure it continues to meet business needs. Regulatory requirements or strategic decisions may also drive the need for technological changes to your processes.

Finding the right technology and the right suppliers for your business is time consuming. Technical jargon can get in the way when you are comparing suppliers. This makes it hard to see the pros and cons of each solution and choose which will work best for you.

Working alongside you as your technology advice partner, we will help define your technology needs, source suitable suppliers and manage supplier relationships.

Setting your technology or systems strategy

Changes in your business will drive changes in your technology or systems strategies. New products or services, business restructuring or growth – either organically or through a merger or acquisition – might lead you to rethink how you run your organisation.

Working with the board and other stakeholders across the business, we can identify where valuable business systems improvements can be made and help you create a strategy to achieve them.

Overcoming the business vs IT language barrier

Technical specialists in any discipline have their own jargon and perspectives on an issue. This can get in the way of effective communication between functional areas of the business. As a result, there can be a mismatch between the project brief and the implementation plan, causing costly delays.

Experienced in leading cross-functional teams, we capture the needs of different business areas in a requirements, vision and strategy document for your systems. Acting as a key point of reference for all parties, this document will guide decisions and actions throughout the project.

Selecting and managing suppliers

Defining and documenting your requirements before you approach suppliers serves two purposes. It gives you a standard to measure suppliers against and provides a basis for a service agreement or contract. Once the service agreement is in place, it can be used to manage the relationship with the supplier.

Whether you are looking to implement changes in one area, such as the finance function, or across all departments, we can work with you to assess the most appropriate supplier for the job.

How we can help

We can:

Help you clarify your technology and information systems strategies – what benefits do you want your systems to deliver? Is your focus on improving efficiency to reduce costs or managing risk to maintain trust with your stakeholders? Are you looking for insights from data that will help you transform or grow your business?

Act as the conduit between your IT providers and the business – to understand the needs of stakeholders, define the project scope, engage IT suppliers or your IT function, and report to senior stakeholders on progress.

Select and manage third-party suppliers – helping you choose the hosting, security, systems and software providers that enable your project to be implemented. For cloud-based solutions, this can include app advisory support. We manage suppliers to make sure they deliver to the project brief.

Manage technology-based change projects from beginning to end – from defining your goals and measures of success, to implementing the systems and measuring outcomes.

Act as a fractional IT director – overseeing and/or assisting with your technology decisions and projects to provide the board with the specialist advice and assurances it needs. We can also coach and advise your internal IT team, enabling them to support the business effectively.

Trouble-shoot issues that are causing delays – whether you are struggling to get started or in mid-process and need help getting over the final hurdles to a successful completion.

Get in touch to find out how our technology advice can help you and your business.

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