Making it happen

Ensure your projects and programmes deliver on their promise with an outsourced project advisor.

Making it happen

Projects & programmes

Systems and technology projects and programmes promise a lot. Making sure they deliver on their promises requires careful management and governance from beginning to end by someone with the right skills and level of focus. For SMEs, the most cost-effective solution is often an outsourced project advisor.

Independent of the business and its suppliers, an outsourced project manager will focus entirely on the success of your programme or project.

Our project management approach helps you to improve your business processes and ways of working.  It also enables you to maximise value from your systems and the technology that supports them.

Building effective relationships with people in all disciplines at all levels, we work with the business to:

  • Define what the outcomes of the programme or project should be and how these will be measured.
  • Develop the plan, communicate with stakeholders and run the implementation.
  • Navigate barriers to progress and project completion.

Defining project and programme outcomes

A successful project starts with defining the measurable outcomes you want to achieve. These will guide your decisions throughout the development and implementation phases as well as the design of dashboards and reports.

Working with you, we clarify and document the tangible benefits your investment should deliver. From this document we can develop your business case, project plans and outcome measures.

Making it happen

The key to success is not the technology. Of course, choosing the right hardware, software and suppliers is important, but it’s the ‘human factor’ that will make or break your programme or project.

Engaging the right people at the right time is vital.

In our experience, liaising effectively with decision makers and representatives from stakeholder groups is vital. It plays an important role at every stage, helping your programme avoid unnecessary delays, increase user acceptance, and keep the project within budget.

Setting up a clear programme governance framework is essential. It defines how the programme will be run, clarifying responsibilities, accountabilities and decision making. It also helps define how programme assurance will be provided to the board, so they remain confident in its success.

Asking an external advisor who is skilled in managing both internal engagement and programme assurance for the board, to take on this role has several advantages.

Firstly, it brings an element of neutrality to the process – someone without their own agenda who focuses on balancing business goals and ambitions for the programme with the needs of operational teams. Just as importantly, it uses your staff’s time efficiently so your business can invest in future improvements and still keep up with business as usual.

Getting ‘stuck’ projects unstuck

Sometimes, even the most well-planned and managed projects lose momentum or get de-railed by an unexpected event. When these challenges arise, calling on a third party brings fresh insight and enthusiasm to the project. Taking an objective view of the project and the problems it faces, we  focus on aligning differences of opinion to resolve issues and get your project back on track.

Project recovery starts with understanding what has gone wrong and why. This needs to be handled sensitively but robustly. We get to the bottom of the issues without demotivating the project team.

How WMT can help

We can:

Advise on setting up transformation programmes – helping you quantify what success looks like and decide on the programme structure, who to involve and when, and how to measure outcomes.

Manage change programmes – engaging business stakeholders in all relevant departments and at all levels. Experienced in leading multi-disciplinary teams, we enable relevant areas of the business to contribute to the programme at the right time and in the right way.

Align stakeholders and manage expectations – to create a common vision for the programme, deal with conflict, and clarify which business challenges it will (and will not) seek to resolve.

Manage individual projects within a change programme – where you need assistance with a particular project stream, such as the development and improvement of your finance function, purchase to pay or other processes.

Map out the governance process for programmes and projects – defining milestones, clarifying responsibilities and specifying sign-off procedures for each stage of the development or implementation plan.

Get struggling programmes back on track – re-engaging stakeholders and re-energising your team, providers or internal advisors when your projects get derailed.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you deliver successful programmes and projects.

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