Charity and not-for-profit organisations

Developments in the regulatory environment, new guidance from the Charity Commission and changes to the rules on direct and indirect taxes mean charities regularly have to review their financial management and reporting practices. Not for…

Statutory audit

Statutory audit services at WMT go beyond compliance requirements to offer you valuable insight into your business’s processes and determine where improvements and efficiencies can be made to drive your business to transparent and sustainable…


VAT is a complex area of taxation with many potential pitfalls. WMT VAT services will help you avoid costly mistakes and recover all VAT you are entitled to. With our in-depth understanding of your business or…

Our approach

WMT has a reputation for fresh thinking and flexibility. Amongst our clients we count dynamic organisations with drive and ambition as well as lifestyle businesses, charities and private individuals. Your goals and objectives are unique.…

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Charity seminar: Charity accounts for non-accountants

Charity seminar: Charity accounts for non-accountants


Charity accounts can be complicated, even for smaller charities. To help charity trustees and staff understand the basics, WMT’s Elizabeth Irvine will run a practical and insightful session on charity accounts for non-accountants. The event…