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Family Investment Companies


With the rate of corporation tax in the UK set to be at a low of 17% by 2020, Family Investment Companies are becoming more attractive than ever as an investment ‘wrapper’. What is a…

Improving the quality of charity accounts


The Charity Commission continues to monitor the quality of charity accounts and to provide tools and guidance to help charities prepare them. New accounts templates and the results of a recent review of public benefit…

Research & Development Tax Credits –  brief opportunity to claim additional relief


If you have previously claimed research and development (R&D) tax relief, there may be a one-off opportunity to claim additional relief, thanks to a change in HMRC’s view. You must act fast though – revised…

R&D tax relief – are you missing out?


A 22% increase in research and development (R&D) tax credit claims made by SMEs over the past year shows businesses are waking up to this valuable relief. If you have never made an R&D claim…

Restoring public faith in charities


According to independent research, public faith in effective charity regulation has dropped from 65% in 2015 to 58% in 2017.  Good charity governance is therefore an area under increasing scrutiny.  The ‘Charity Governance Code’ (‘the…

Cash flow – the secret to SME success


As obvious as it may seem, the success of any business relies on it making money. The major cause of business failure for SMEs in the UK is poor cash flow management. But how do…

Protecting against charity fraud


Fraud and financial crime is one of the most common types of abuse for charities. The scale of the cost of charity fraud in recent years is estimated to be between £150 million to £2…

Reporting serious incidents


The Charity Commission believes that there is significant under-reporting of serious financial incidents which put charities at potential risk of further harm, including reputational damage. Following a consultation, new and improved guidance has been issued…

Public consultation on charity annual returns


The Charity Commission has opened a consultation on changes to the content and structure of charity annual returns which will apply to financial years starting on or after 1 January 2018. All charities with annual…