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Changes to the Charities Annual Return


After extensive consultation, the Charity Commission has made changes to the annual return for financial years ending on or after 1 January 2018. The rationale behind the changes was to simplify the return for most…

Travel expenses for employees and directors – the do’s and don’ts


Travel can be a tricky area when it comes to claiming expenses. With so many ways to get about, and blurred lines on when a journey is business or private, it is important to know…

The A-Z of VAT for charities


VAT is charged on taxable supplies of goods and services. Different rates of VAT are applied to different sorts of supplies, and some are exempt from VAT. Also, many charities undertake non-business activities, which can…

Be ready for the increase in minimum contributions for auto enrolment pensions


By the end of March 2017 more than 7 million workers had been successfully automatically enrolled into a workplace pension. But from April 2018 the minimum pension contributions are set to increase. As an employer,…

Payrolling company car benefits – myth busting


Guidance issued by HMRC has led some directors to believe the payrolling of company cars will be compulsory from April 2018. It will only be compulsory if you have opted to payroll taxable benefits and…

HMRC accepted payment methods are changing


From January, individual taxpayers will not be able to use personal credit cards to settle tax bills with HMRC. Payments will have to be made by direct debit, debit card or electronic payments – Faster…

How to ensure Christmas isn’t ‘taxing’ for your business


For many, the Christmas period marks the end of a busy year and offers the perfect opportunity to reward staff for their hard work with a gift or Christmas party.  But business owners need to…

Making use of tax-free Long-Service Awards


While the tax exemption to mark long-service is designed to accommodate the gift of the traditional gold watch or carriage clock, it’s also possible to give your employee a more tailored award that will help…

Autumn Budget 2017 – how does it affect you?


Commentators and politicians alike were looking to Philip Hammond for a game-changing budget. Given the twin challenges of lower than expected growth and a commitment to reduce debt and borrowing, The Chancellor was unlikely to…